Akilhiver Chilblain Cream


Natural treatment and prevention of frostbite and chilblains For everyone who needs to be outdoors in winter.

Designed with specific action against the consequences of cold and humid weather on the skin.

Helps to avoid frostbites. Strengthens the skin and makes it more supple.

Non - oily and does not stain. Therapeutic treatment with Raynaud-Acrocyanose syndrome.

Prevents chilblains and frostbite.
Calms inflammation and itching.
Therapeutic treatment with Raynaud-Acrocyanose syndrome.
Reinforces the natural hydro-lipidic barrier and helps the skin to fight the effect of cold.
Keeps the skin supple and resistant.

Active Ingredients:

Ginkgo Biloba/Vitamin E - Reduces swelling and has a toning action on the veins

Enoxolone/Allantoine Complex - Anti-inflammatory and soothing , prevents scarring

Vitamin A/D-Panthenol - Heals cracks and chapped skin

Shea butter/Beeswax Complex - Reduces moisture loss, strengthens the hydro-lipidic film

Shea butter/Calendula Complex - Restores the hydro-lipidic barrier

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