Northamptonshire's first run and motion lab specialising in gait analysis and injury prevention

Are you looking to improve your personal best and increase your sports performance?

Our team of highly experienced podiatrists use the latest footscan technology to measure your feet in a variety of sports specific assessments aimed to determine your balance, foot stability and identify risk factors and problems with your feet and lower limbs to improve your performance. We can use the information to help improve our understanding of your feet, how the foot may impact your performance and comfort on the ground and to guide our approach with your training and rehabilitation.

Cutting Edge Technology
No other podiatry clinic in Northamptonshire is using this advanced technology.

The system is used in biomechanical research, sports clinics, labs and for elite sports men and women, including Paula Radcliffe. The Footscan is a highly sensitive and intuitive piece of kit which uses over 4000 sensors to gather intricate data during gait analysis. This data allows us to analyse the patients gait pattern in much greater detail.

The scan and V9 software combined can be used to design a Phits™ 3D printed custom insole to maximise performance and power transfer, improve foot comfort, reduce injury risk and help improve your biomechanics. The possibilities for customisation are vast including the location and volume of support, including forefoot support, the location and direction of stiffness and materials used in the top cover. course, our biomechanics knowledge plays a large part in tweaking the orthotics to suit the individual’s requirements and goals.

A ‘Phit’ for all!
Whether you’re a casual runner, elite athlete, recreational walker or have a job where you are on your feet all day, Phits orthotics reduce your risk of injury, help improve optimal performance during sports and improve your level of comfort.

The orthotics can also be specially made to suit different styles of footwear e.g. safety boots, football boots, golf shoes and running shoes.

We are very proud to be the first Podiatry Clinic in Kettering to offer this combination of service we hope that you will follow us on social media and support our latest venture with a chance to win a free assessment and a pair of PHITS 3D printed orthotics PLEASE FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND ENTER THE COMPETITION.

We cannot wait to meet you and help you go the distance.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
"Without the support of Phits orthotics, it would have been impossible to recover after my surgery and most likely I wouldn't have been able to continue my running career!"

Paula Radcliffe (Full Interview)
Marathon World Record Holder

Footscan® and analysis

First you have an interview with your Podiatrist about your medical history and your activities, then the expert scans and analyses your gait using our custom developed dynamic footscan®-system.

Design and 3D-printing

Based on this data, our software, integrated with the footscan® technology, creates a design. This design can be adapted to your specific needs or to the advice of the expert. A 3D-printer then transforms the digital design into ultralight custom orthotics. Afterwards the orthotics get a shock-absorbing comfort layer.

Quality control and delivery

After a final quality check, about 2 weeks later, you’re expert invites you to fit your orthotics and make sure your body gets the balance it needs with every step.
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