Benefits Of Our MSK Biomechanics/Gait Analysis

Are you looking to improve your personal best, keep active and pain free ?

Our team of highly experienced podiatrists use the latest footscan technology to measure your feet in a variety of sports specific assessments aimed to determine your balance, foot stability and identify risk factors and problems with your feet and lower limbs to improve your performance. We can use the information to help improve our understanding of your feet, how the foot may impact your performance and comfort on the ground and to guide our approach with your training and rehabilitation.

Cutting Edge Technology
No other podiatry clinic in Northamptonshire is using this advanced technology.

The system is used in biomechanical research, sports clinics, labs and for elite sports men and women, including Paula Radcliffe. The Footscan is a highly sensitive and intuitive piece of kit which uses over 4000 sensors to gather intricate data during gait analysis. This data allows us to analyse the patients gait pattern in much greater detail.

We are the only clinic in Northamptonshire using the latest technology in gait analysis  to get you back on your feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

we ask that you complete the pre assessment questionnaire that will be sent to you via email a few days before your appointment. your will need to bring any relevant GP letters, X-rays and scans that you might have had for your condition. you will also need to bring 3 pairs of shoes / trainers that you currently wear and some shorts or loose trousers to gait access to the knee.

the appointment last 1 hour with the podiatrsit

Treatment Details

Starting from £150

Treatment Add-Ons

Surgical Dressing Pack - Starting from £20
Ottoform Prop - Starting from £5
Local Anaesthetic - Starting from £100
5 Min. Fungal Test - Starting from £40
Financing options available!

We’re happy to be able to provide flexible payment options for your treatment. We've partnered with two leading finance providers to ensure you can pay in a way that suits you.
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Why Next Step Podiatry?

Our core aim is to keep you pain free and active! Our bespoke, modern podiatry clinic in Kettering town centre is your centre of excellence for all things lower limb. We have the latest technology in treatment options and our highly skilled & experienced podiatrists will be able to help get you back to being you. We can't wait to meet you.

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Saturday: 9am-12pm
Urgent appointments available on request
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