Benefits Of Our Curacorn®️ Revolutionary Way to Achieve Long Term Pain Relief.

Curacorn® dermal fillers are an established aesthetic procedure and involves a highly viscous form of Hyaluronic Acid to ‘cushion’ painful lesions, reducing pressure over the painful areas and decreasing the production of callus and corns caused by friction.

It was initially introduced in the UK to protect at risk people with diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis from foot ulceration, and has been successful in providing long term comfort to people with painful lesions on any area of the toe, the ball of the foot or even the heel.

It enables us to form a ‘cushion’ underneath a lesion to decrease the production of callus and corns and ultimately relieve the pain associated with them. Its effects can last up to 18 months.

Who Can Benefit and What to Expect

Patients who can benefit from a treatment like this include:

Those with painful chronic corns on high weight-bearing areas or in-between the toes
Patients with loss of the natural fatty padding in the ball of the foot exposing the joints to high pressure on walking
Those with biomechanical changes within the foot leading to high pressure areas (eg: Bunions and retracted toes)

What to expect on the day:

Patients will be assessed during an appointment or in the case of an existing patient their routine appointment, where we will take a full medical history, and assess your suitability for treatment. This will also include a full Vascular and Neurological assessment and lesion check with pressure analysis.

If suitable, a treatment plan will be discussed and agreed.

You will then be booked in for a series of appointments with Emma Bell for the administration and review of your Curacorn®️ treatment.

Appointment 1 - We will revisit your suitability and check no changes to your medical status, consent you for treatment, photograph the lesion, debride it and administer a small amount of local anaesthetic prior to the area to make the procedure as comfortable as possible for you. We will then administer the Curacorn®️

Appointment 2 - This is 2-3 weeks later where we will re-assess you and if required top up the treatment using exactly the same procedure.

Appointment 3 - One month after the second appointment we will see you again to further assess and top up if required.

Digital Curacorn® Package £299
Planter Curacorn® Package £499

Who should not have Dermal Fillers?

This treatment is not suitable for:

Those who are on Anticoagulants
Transplant patients
Those suffering from Lupus
Those suffering from Scleroderma
High Risk Diabetics

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It provides an alternative to surgery and the use of medicated pain killers
It provides relief from painful symptoms and discomfort
Dermal fillers are safe as long as they are carried out by a fully qualified HCPC Registered Podiatrist.
Dermal Fillers are low risk and minimally invasive.
It can be an alternative for those considering surgery
Reduced Podiatry appointments for painful corns

Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment Details

Starting from £299

Treatment Add-Ons

Surgical Dressing Pack - Starting from £20
Ottoform Prop - Starting from £5
Local Anaesthetic - Starting from £100
5 Min. Fungal Test - Starting from £40
Financing options available!

We’re happy to be able to provide flexible payment options for your treatment. We've partnered with two leading finance providers to ensure you can pay in a way that suits you.
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