Benefits Of Our Diabetic Foot Assessment

Everyone with diabetes should have an annual foot check.

Podiatrists are experts in foot health and are highly skilled in the detection of foot ulcers that regularly precede amputations.

Your foot check is an important part of your annual review, which means you should have it as part of your diabetes care. The reason to have an annual diabetic foot review is that you are more likely to have serious foot problems and these can lead to amputations.

Diabetes leads to 169 amputations a week.

That's 24 amputations a day and 1 amputation every hour. Going to your foot checks and knowing the signs to look out for could prevent this from happening. ( Source - Diabetes uk )

In most cases, serious foot problems can be prevented. You can do this by checking your feet yourself every day, and having a foot check at least once a year. Everyone with diabetes should have an annual foot check, so make sure you get yours.

What happens at your foot check

You’ll need to take off any dressings and footwear, including socks and tights. Your feet will be examined by the podiatrist, your blood flow ( doppler assessment ) will be checked to monitor your circulation, Numbness or changes in sensation (also known as neuropathy) will be tested with a special piece of equipment. we will also check your shoes to make sure they’re not causing any problems you will also have a foot scan to assess hight pressure areas that can lead to future breakdowns.

You’ll also be asked lots of questions about your feet and how you manage your diabetes. Such as:

Have you had any problems or noticed any changes like cuts, blisters, broken skin, corns?
Have you ever had any foot problems or wounds?
Have you had any pain or discomfort?
How often do you check your feet?
Do you have any cramp-like pains when walking?
How well are you managing your diabetes?
To help you make the most of your foot check, we've got a guide to taking care of your feet when you have diabetes that you can download (PDF, 1.3MB). You can also order a printed version for free from our shop.

Know your risk of a foot problem

Your podiatrist will tell you your results and how much you're at risk of a foot problem. These include:

Low – no risk, or a callus without any other problem.
Moderate – one sign of a foot problem, such as a loss of sensation or a change in foot shape.
High – more than one sign of a foot problem, or a previous ulcer or amputation.

You’ll get information that explains what your level of risk means, and be told what you need to do next. If your feet are high risk you’ll be referred to the the NHS diabetic foot care pathway a letter is also sent to your GP and Diabetic Nurse Practitioner.

if you feet require treatments such as nail care , callus removal etc we can then book these in for you following your assessment.

completed by a HCPC registered podiatrist
convenient at times to suit you
full report sent to your GP
included pressure plate assessment using the latest technology
reduce your risk of foot complications

Frequently Asked Questions

we advise that you feet are checked by a podiatrist at least every 12 months if you feet are at a moderate / hight risk then we would encourage a foot check every three months Podiatrists are experts in foot health and are highly skilled in the detection of foot ulcers that regularly precede amputations. For more information, please visit our Patient information pages.

this appointment is for your annual diabetic foot review no physical core podiatry care is included in this appointment please contact reception to book in for your repeat appointments.

Treatment Details

Starting from £55
comprehensive diabetic foot screening

Treatment Add-Ons

Surgical Dressing Pack - Starting from £20
Ottoform Prop - Starting from £5
Local Anaesthetic - Starting from £100
5 Min. Fungal Test - Starting from £40
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