Fixtoe is the only device for the correct alignment of toe deformity. Its mechanism has been developed and patented by Spanish podiatrists, for the solution of floating finger (Metatarsophalangeal Predislocation Syndrome) or better known as hammer toe. In addition, it is a treatment option for metatarsal pain, plantar callus, finger protection, claw toes, bunion protection and post-surgical stabilization.

Fixtoe relieves the daily pain our feet suffer. Thanks to its properties, it helps to have a better quality of life without the need to operate. Designed for people who need special footwear due to digital deformity. Giving the possibility of reusing any type of footwear in a comfortable and safe way.

Thanks to its quality material, Fixtoe adapts to the ergonomics of the foot, providing it with great comfort with any type of footwear.

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